Higold Outdoor, 2022

Introducing Visconti, an outdoor collection designed by CLAUDIO BELLINI Studio for HIGOLD.

Claudio Bellini
Project Manager
Alessio Romano

Visconti displays a harmonious fusion of form and function. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this collection perfectly blends elegance and functionality to elevate your outdoor living experience. VISCONTI’s hallmark is its expertly designed metal frame with gently rounded edges, offering both durability and aesthetic finesse. The wooden slats that adorn the armrests, which we also find in the dining table and coffee table, exude a timeless appeal. Complementing this design, the finely woven backrest offers comfort and visual appeal.

What sets VISCONTI apart is the striking interplay of contrasts. The dark, sturdy metal frame harmonizes with the light, natural tones of the wood and intricate backrest. This fusion of materials and the clever play of colors create a simple yet deeply appealing design. The generously proportioned, soft cushions are the perfect finishing touch to this exceptional collection.

Designed and built with superior detail and quality, the comfortable cushioning conveys and offers an inviting feel and makes you enjoy the well-deserved quality time.

The smart assembling method and system of design give this collection a distinct style making it unique and unlike any other.

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