Mscagni Op Claudio Bellini




Op is the system of Mascagni furniture designed to adapt to the changing needs of the company.
It ‘a smart, because it meets the needs of every user, whatever job he performs.
With filing cabinet, wiring the desk and accessories, the workstation will always be tidy and efficient. Its unique Fastening System Op, patented, which ensures all the accessories, check-ins and splitters to the structure, allows you to equip a complete workstation in no time. The installation, even over large open plan areas, it is simple and fast, so also each subsequent reconfiguration, will not lead to interruptions in the workflow. Designers will appreciate the many design possibilities offered by the OP range. A complete system able to adapt smoothly to the space available and the existing environment.

MA_OP_002 MA_OP_003 MA_OP_004 MA_OP_005

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