Tecno (Italy) 1993


Extra Dry offers the the designer a vast choice of solutions to adapt to the needs of the project, from the low dividing walls, modular in both width and height, which support the worktops with varying levels of privacy, to the freestanding solutions, designed to adapt to individual or collective needs, with the long desk-sharing arrangements.

The various elements have aluminum structures under the top which are attached brackets, struts and legs, also in aluminum, either plain or painted in white or dark grey.

In the freestanding elements this enables the structure to be shared, thereby reducing the number of support needed or, for example, to be hooked to panels and screens, while in the workstations mounted on the low walls it contributes to eliminating totally the legs. The worktops, rectangular or curved, cater to individual taste without penalizing the functional or space-saving aspects of the project; thus, along with the finishes in melamine white, light grey, dark grey, light oak, dark oak and graphite oak are highly elegant enameled finishes and bevelled edges white, light grey and dark grey or, for the desktops, the various wood finishes featured in the collection.

The low walls and based are in the same colors and materials, matching or contrasting according to individual taste. The range is accompanied by a vast assortment of accessories, from partitions in glass panels or sound-absorbent fabric to paper trays and cd holders, from electrification to individual lighting. Where necessary, Basic, a series of cabinets and drawer units that feature throughout the collections, adds a touch of colorful creativity that goes beyond the necessary functional and sober character that distinguishes the collection.

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