Frezza DR Claudio Bellini




“A table therefore, a very beautiful table, we can picture it as a home desk, or a furniture piece for my own office along with his service unit as well as a very good looking meeting room and why not in his round shape in my own or you’re a house”.

Claudio Bellini


Primary element: the table/desk with solid wood veneer structure.

A strong declaration, as to bet against every common trend to use only industrial production on series. Dr talks about hand made creation’s love and real material: wood.

the look, the curved shape, structure’s thickness hold the best of the well-educated acknowledgement of the historical design, up to dating it with contemporary features and re-settled.

The main DR’s character is the balance between quality and innovation, comfort and representation. As it happen in the best projects, craftsmen knowledge, design and technology gather one to the other, the result is a product of unique identity and character.

FR_DR_002A FR-DR-003FR-DR-004FR_DR_002

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