Barazzony Butterfly Claudio Bellini




“Designing Butterfly is for Barazzoni a way of feeling and living out emotions, drawn out on paper and then translated into real objects. Using top quality materials, exploring matter in its infinite shapes, ranging from metal to the most natural realm of food. the product is reminiscent of the pleasure of food and its delicious smells and tastes , of the home, of our loved ones and friends, of the joy of living. Imagination takes flight, evoking the sound and liveliness of a large kitchen, and the cheerful voices of an evening  spent in good company. For the Butterfly line I sought and found new shapes, I combined form and function like the ingredients of a recipe, and I interpreted a lifestyle. And I am proud to have created elegant objects which are also ideal for serving, standing out not only on the cooking range , but also directly at the table.”


Claudio Bellini

BRZ-AC-002  BRZ-AC-003   BRZ-AC-006

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