Frezza Bos Claudio Bellini




“Individual space is the physical declaration of the responsibility we hold on the job and of our need for instruments. What we require to do what we do.”

Claudio Bellini


B.O.S. is an operative program, dedicated to the contemporary office, which allows maximum configuration flexibility. The fundamental core of the project is the central technical space, made out of powder-painted metal and designed to hold electric and computer wiring, that can generate an almost infinite range of single or shared double workspaces, that may be personalized with various typologies of desktops, drawers and storage units.

There is also the possibility of a vertical development, created by panels available in two heights and connected to the central technical space, which features aluminum tracks can be equipped with shelves, lighting and other accessories. B.O.S. also features rectangular desks with leg structures made out of cone-shaped steel tubes, at a fixed or adjustable height.

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