All this simplicity leads the way to the production of this basic system that can be enriched with personal details and needs.

The accessoires can all be customized. This is how even a single desk can look like a small personal cabinet with character. And personalization in SO is not only achieved through accessoires with various color and size alternatives; but also by giving more space to display or to hide the office workers’ personal belongings.

Personalization is also the key concept for the different combinations that can be achieved with the open working system.

Because all the solutions have been included and none of them is privileged, the architect is free to play with the basic system in order to find the perfect configuration for the customer’s personal demands. Thus, the system offers an unparalleled flexibilty to create many different configurations according to various needs in time and space: From a single desk to a bench, from a work station to a managerial desk or even to a call center… Even with the basic leg system, table and desk configuration one can already achieve a lot of possibilities.

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