LOGIC reconfigures workstations with the surfaces and storage spaces required for the contemporary workplace. With everything in easy reach, in organized and compact office spaces that are not only beautiful, they are functional. An aesthetically pleasing space in which to work, with a special focus on distributed filing. A contemporary design both in terms of form and color. With options in term of finishes and layouts, LOGIC is the most logical solution for workspaces and other spaces.



The workstation becomes the essence as well as the highlight of an organized, functional concept of a modern office space. An area with an infinite number of combinations to meet a wide array of tastes and requirements. Where all the elements join together to improve efficiency and increase productivity. LOGIC offers the ability to configure a series of workspaces in a variety of layouts, to help people work smarter, not harder, whether individually, in teams, or in large groups. To create a positive, aesthetically pleasing, and practical work space.


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